Over the last year, there has been a lot of talk about affordable childcare in Canada and how the government is going to help financially. Recently, the government provided details for how Canadian childcare relief funding can be used across the provinces and territories. The goal of the funding is to allow all families access to high-quality, affordable early learning and childcare across Canada. Learn more about Canada’s Early Learning and Child Care Plan.

How is the funding

Over the next five years, the government will implement subsidy programs to drop childcare costs to as little as $10 a day. In addition, education programs will be available to help introduce more early childhood education and care professionals into the workforce.

Is Your Facility Ready?

The increase in the number of children needing care and the ability for more families to afford care will create a need for additional equipment and supplies at childcare centers and facilities. Will your center or facility be ready? The Play with a Purpose team can help you complete a needs assessment to determine what products you may need, as well as recommend products to meet your specific needs like rest mats and cots, trikes, and blocks.

Access Canadian Childcare Relief Funding to Help

While adding more items to your facility sounds great, you’re probably wondering how you’ll pay for them. Each province and territory are handling their portion of the funding slightly differently, so check their early childcare websites for additional information and next steps:

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