Are you looking for a quick way to get young students and learners moving? We all know research shows that physical activity and movement help students learnand YouTube activity videos are a quick and easy way to get kids moving. We pulled together 3 of our favorite YouTube channels featuring fun and entertaining characters to boost student engagement as they learn yoga and dance. 

Cosmic Yoga  

Cosmic Kids Yoga is focused on teaching yoga poses and mindfulness to young learners. Along with what seems like a relaxing activity comes strength, balance, and flexibility. The channel also features a family-friendly host who coaches children through the poses and inputs a story to go along with the theme. The videos also have vibrant backgrounds ranging from underwater to space! 

Debbie Doo Kids TV 

Debbie Doo Kids TV features a fun host who sings and dances while teaching kids the dance along the way. The great thing is that Debbie and her cast sing and dance to all their own music (plus the classics) with fun animations and backgrounds. Debbie is a professional songwriter and singer who loves teaching important developmental skills through dance and physical movement.  

The Kiboomers 

The Kiboomers – Kids Music Channel animates original and classic children’s songs. Their animations and songs help teach students colors, shapes, counting, numbers, and more. One big piece of the Kiboomers channel is that they create very relevant content corresponding with current events, holidays, and more. With each song and character being different your students will be encouraged to freestyle dance, sing and move their body.  

Share some of your other favorite YouTube channels to have on in the classroom in the comments below!