It is that time of year when we all get a little crazy and need some fresh ideas in the classroom to spark some fun that fits in with the Valentine season. Here are 2 Valentine’s Day activities that you can do in your classroom with your kids that are fun and educational.

  1. Where’s My Match?

This simple activity can be used in a multitude of ways to teach children any lesson that you are working on that involves matching. It can be letters, sounds, words, or patterns. Using any color paper, cut out large hearts and then cut them all down the middle in different ways. This gives you two halves that will only match each other. Place one half of the heart on the table or in a bin and place the other half elsewhere in the room or on the board. Then have children work together to match the halves by picking one off the table and trying to find its match around the room. If the hearts have the same cut out no worries, just make sure the image children are matching is different such as an upper and lowercase letter or a different pattern to solve. Children will love learning in a way that fits the season and gets them moving about the classroom. Take it one step further and have the children explain why their two pieces match.

  1. Musical Hearts

Remember musical chairs and all the fun we had walking around in a circle and trying to find a seat when the music stopped? Here is an activity you can do in the classroom like musical chairs, but it also encourages children work on their sight words and color identification. Begin by cutting large hearts out of paper in various colors and writing a sight word on each one. Then lay the hearts in a giant circle on the floor and have children each stand on one. Next, just like musical chairs, start the music and have the children walk around the circle. When the music stops, they stand on the nearest heart. You can choose a child to tell you the color and the sight word written on the heart they are standing on.

If you are looking for one more Valentines Day activity, check out our Animal Heart Valentine’s Cards! Hopefully these Valentines Day activities get your students moving and learning throughout the day!