Proper planning is key to your playground’s success. Learn more about the factors to consider as you begin the process. 

Step 1 – Fund Your Project 

Here are some ways to pay for your project: 

  • Fundraising 
  • Grants 
  • Financing (contact us for an application) 
  • General or Capital Funds 

Step 2 – Understanding Zones 

playground zones

Use zones are defined by the CPSC as the surface under and around a piece of equipment which a child falling or exiting from the equipment would be expected to land. For easy planning, the use zone dimensions are shown on applicable products. 

Step 3 – Choose the Right Equipment  

Here are a couple questions you should ask yourself as you choose your playground equipment: 

  • What age(s) of children will use your equipment? This will help determine the size of the structure(s) you choose, as well as the variety of events to accommodate those ages. 
  • What type of construction will you choose? Structures made of steel, vs. aluminum or plastic, all offer different benefits and price points. 
  • Does your location offer natural shade, or will you need to create shaded areas with a structure roof and/or canopies? 

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Step 4 – Choose Surfacing & Amenities 

Playground surfaces fall into two main categories: 

  • Loose-fill materials – wood fiber, rubber mulch, wood mulch, sand, and pea gravel 
  • Unitary synthetic materials – interlocking tile, synthetic grass turf, and pour-in-place surfacing 

Site Amenities provide your play area with long-lasting, user-friendly furnishings. Don’t forget to include, picnic tables, benches, and trash receptacles. 

Step 5 – Shipping & Delivery 

How accessible is the site? Can large equipment and/or machinery get into the area if necessary? (Typically a 10′-14′ wide access point is needed during installation) Playground equipment is heavy, so based on shipping options and how the equipment will get to the site location, a freight quote should be requested at the time of purchase. 

Step 6 – Installation 

There are 3 options for installation: 

  • In-ground is the choice for permanence and durability. Posts must be set in the ground with a concrete footing.
  • Surface mount uses bolts or anchors to attach the system onto a concrete surface
  • On-ground uses spikes to anchor to the ground. Easy to install. no digging required.

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