Movement for children is so important to a child’s lifelong development, and what better way to challenge children’s movement then by using the WePlay Plan Your Step Stepping Stone Set! The flower petal shaped steps slope, helping children work on mobility and balance. Here are 4 activities to do to help your children work on their movement and balancing skills. Best part is that these petals are easy to clean and offer a textured top for more grip.

Plan Your Step - Balancing Product

Walk in the Garden

Set up the petals in two rows with the pointed end in and allow children to walk with one foot on each through the “garden”. Have children imagine that the tactile strips are the dirt beneath their toes and the slopes of each petal are the change in the earth and the path. The unique slope of the petals will confuse the body and help children work on balance and stabilization

Crawling - Balancing Product

Bug Crawl

Encourage children to crawl low to the ground either on their hands and knees or hands and feet over different paths you create. Place all the petals in a random pattern and let them explore or place them in a line and see which part of the petal the child prefers to climb on. The key here is to remind the children to stay low to the ground like they are a bug crawling through the dirt.

Wobbly Walk

Now that children have gotten the hang of walking on the petals, pretend the tactile strips are roots and ask the children not to step on them. This will force children to make smaller steps and focus more as they walk the course. Set up the petals with all the points facing in or try with the corners touching. Is one easier for the children to move? When the path gets changed, the slope of the petals change providing more of a challenge for your children.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing balancing productTake the challenge even further by stacking the petals to build different levels to step on through the walking path. Mix all the petals together in one large cluster and see the different heights you can walk on and around. You can create straight paths, multi-directional, or even one cluster for different walking options and difficulty. Each new path is a chance for children to explore in a new way and have fun! (For this activity you might want more than 1 set)

The possibilities with these stepping stones are endless and with their stable anti-slip bases and unique shapes children will love moving them around to make some unique walking challenges of their own. Add these to any obstacle course for even more fun challenges.


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