Over the last few years, flexible seating has gained popularity in education because of its positive association with increased focus and encouraged student choice. Innovative seating options like wobble stoolsbalance discs, and seat rockers are now available to help kids freely move while remaining in their seat, as well as to incorporate more student choice into your learning space.

many students on flexible seating wobble stool

Though many teachers have taken the plunge and outfitted their whole classroom with flexible seating, getting started can seem overwhelming for others. How do you explore flexible seating without breaking the budget or changing your routine? Check out these easy, budgetfriendly ways to bring flexible seating to your classroom or learning space! 


Kids get bored with the same layout day in and day out. Keep things fresh (and your kids engaged) by switching up your layout each quarter. Kids will get excited to come in on Monday with a new layout and suddenly, your seating seems brand new to them.

Start Small – Purchase (Or Find) One New Item

two students reading on beanbag pillows

Whether it is a wobble stool, an exercise ball, a pillow, poly-spots, or a rug; purchasing one flexible seating item for your classroom is a fantastic way to start! You can use this seating item as a reward and rotate it from student to student. Be resourceful and get creative –not all your flexible seating needs to be wobble stools 

Get Outdoors

LearnLawn Sensory Stools

Switch up your classroom scenery and allow kids to go outside and sit on the grass or benches. If you have flexible seating options in your space already, bring some of them with you or get a carpet that can be used both inside and out. By switching up the scenery, kids will have new options to use and the new environment provides additional excitement.  

While having unique seating in your classroom for every child might be preferred, it is not always the most practical or necessary. It is important to remember that children strive for a space to express themselves and their creativity, and they thrive off doing so through choice.  

What is your favorite flexible seat that you have in your classroom?