We live in a digital age, and there is no competing against a screen when a child finally realizes the world it holds. Here are 5 educational apps you can download today to help keep your students and children entertained in the hopes of gaining a little knowledge along the way.

1. Smart Tales: Interactive Books | FREE | 4.5 Stars

Smart Tales is a collection of digital and interactive short stories filled with teaching topics. The stories and aminations stick to STEM subjects like Science and Mathematics, while also expanding your child’s vocabulary and literacy. Not only do they implement education, they also touch on social-emotional topics like diversity, friendship, and sharing!

2. Khan Academy | FREE | 4.8 Stars

This beautifully-illustrated app allows your child to have fun while learning important skills like counting, reading, phonics, spelling, focus, memory, and more. This app also sets you up with an adaptive learning path curated for your child. There is also a teacher tool embedded into this app that makes it perfect for remote learning. You can assign lessons, view “report cards”, and search by standards.

3. Duolingo ABC | FREE | 4.2 Stars

This popular learn-a-language app developed itself into the perfect resource for letter learning and literacy. The app gives your students or children a hands-on, interactive introduction to learning. It also allows students to trace letters, listen to stories, and learn sight-words. The best part is there are currently no ads or in-app purchases, so the learning can be done offline like in the car.

4. GoNoodle Games | FREE | 4.0 Stars

This app is the perfect addition to any active learning classroom. The only way to play the games is to get up and move along. Follow the prompts as the cast of characters instructs you to move you body to dodge objects, swim, and run through the courses.

5. Mammals by Tinybop | $2.99 | 4.1 Stars

Introduce your students to the vast world of animals! Look at things you can’t see from the naked eye while peering into a tiger’s skeletal system, muscular system, and more. See how animals move and change as they fly, run, eat, and grow. There are lots of interesting features to explore like watching a baby grow in their mother, see through their eyes, and their scratch patterns.

If you use any of these apps at home or in the classroom, feel free to share how you use them to get your students moving, educated, and entertained! If you have any more apps to share, leave them in the comments.

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