The weather is slowly turning, and it is getting warmer outside. It is the perfect time of year to remind you kids about Earth Day and recycling. Here are two great quick and easy games that you can play with your kids to help teach them about recycling and get them moving.

1. Recycle Bin Matching

    1. Need: Recycling Bins Picture, Recycling Cards
    2. Directions:
      1. Play like a regular matching game to begin. Take turns flipping over the cards until someone finds a match.
      2. Once a match is found, take the two cards and place them on the corresponding recycling bin – plastic, glass, paper, metal.
  • If it wrongly placed, the cards get placed back on the board face down.

2. Recycling Relay

    1. Need: Pile of Recyclables (can be actual recyclables or items that can be recycled), Recycling bins (ex. Glass, Paper, trash, Plastic)
    2. Directions: This can be played individually or with a group both are detailed out below.
      1. Individually – Place the recycling bins about 10’ away and have your child race back and forth to sort all the items. Once they sorted all the items, walk through each pile and check their work. It is also a great time to ask them why they sorted something the way they did.
      2. Group – Turn it into a game and have two piles. Have kids race to see who can recycle their pile faster. For each item that’s recycled incorrectly, that person or team loses a point. You can also use it as a chance to ask the other team where it should go and why.

Do you have another game that you use to teach recycling that also gets children moving? Please share it in the comments below for others.