Kids learn best when there is movement involved. It is easier for them to recall what movement they were doing, and it motivates them to remember the activity or the learning. So, here are two indoor learning activities that help them learn in a new way with different movement and activity.

  1. Light Table Letter Learningindoor light table

Learning Resources makes a great product that is called “Letter Constructions”, and it is a perfect game to involve the whole brain while learning the shape of letters and making the sound of the letter when it is built. Cards that show how to build each letter and the pieces needed to make the letter are included. One beautiful part of this game is the pieces are transparent so they are perfect on a Light Table such as these. The light table adds a double layer of interest as they build letters and see the colors. I encourage my students to create the letters in their name, or the beginning letter of their favorite things, possibly Ball or Dinosaur. Children will remember building letters when they associate it with using a light table. They can visualize the new colors they have seen.

  1. Using Circle Time Carpets in Games

indoor paint number carpetAnother way we learn letters or numbers is by hopping on them on our carpets and saying their name. One of the kiddos favorite things to do with the number paint ovals on the Paint by Numero Carpet is to use animals, blocks, or whatever they are playing with and put the correct number of items on the number oval. For instance, number 7 oval would have 7 animals on it. With the letters on the carpet they can also match small magnetic letters that we have. This helps to create movement and a visual for the children as they explore the carpet and enhancing their learning. You can even turn it into a game! Have the children grab a letter and race to find its match on the carpet. By using the phrase “ready, set, go” the kids understand that it is important to go as quickly as possible.

Teaching everyday lessons such as letter identification does not have to be difficult. But by creating simple games or activities for the children, it will help with their memory and keep them engaged. Do you have an indoor learning learning activity that your children love?

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