Learn to control one’s body movement and build gross motor functions.


Open Floor Space

Set Up:



  1. Start by sitting on the floor with legs crossed, then work on rocking side to side. Rock to each side 5 times.
  2. Move to your back and hug your knees to your chest. Rock back and forth on your back. Rock 5 times towards your head and 5 times towards your feet. Is there a difference in rocking if you are tightly hugging your legs verses loosely?
  3. Rock back and forth now on your butt without hugging your knees.
  4. Now lay on your stomach with your arms lying tightly at your side. Lift your head and feet off the floor and try to rock back and forth. Is this easier or harder than the other two?

Challenge: Lay on one of your sides, lift your legs and head, and try to rock side to side. It is important to keep your body tight and stay in such a line.

**Are there objects that children can also use to rock? – possible answers: rocking horse, rocking chair, Balance Board