Warmer weather is quickly approaching everywhere around the country. That means it is the perfect time to start reseeding the yard, planting a vegetable garden, or even some flowers. With just a few simple items you can create a science lesson for your children that they can watch and observe changes overtime.

planting a garden with seedlingsplanting a garden with kids

What You Need

  • small planter or flower bed
  • potting soil
  • seeds (if planting from seed) or a seedling
  • small shovel (This gardening set has everything you need)
  • water can (a cup will work).

How To

watering the garden

First, you want to lay everything out and decide where you want to plant. If you are working with an already established garden bed, I recommend using a shovel to mix up the dirt. Then add in some of the potting soil. If you are planting in a pot fill the pot about 3/4 of the way full (or a little more depending on the size of the pot) of potting soil.

Then you will want to use your fingers and the shovel if needed to create spots for the seeds or the plants. The seeds should be about a finger’s length deep, while the width depends on what you are planting. If the flowers or vegetables are partially grown, you will need to have a bit of a wider hole. Once you have the holes, the seeds can be placed in them and covered with more potting soil. If you are using plants, then you will want to mix in some more soil to fill in the holes.

Once the flowers are planted, it is important to give them some water. Using a watering can works great because it helps slow down the flow of water and keeps the plants from getting damaged or getting to much water at once. If you are using a cup or hose to water the plants, make sure you explain that over watering can be harmful to the plants. Just like us we do not want to have to drink too much water, neither do the plants. Remember also on hot days that your plants will need more water and you may have to go and water them 2 or 3 times during the day especially if they are in a very sunny spot.

Learning Opportunities

Planting flowers in the garden, vegetable patch, or even in a planter is a great way to interact with your children and teach them the life cycle. Little plants and even seeds need lots of sunlight and water to grow and then as they get bigger, they may need to be replanted or need more water to continue to grow. Also, if your children are a bit impatient, it might be wise to start out with flowers or plants that are already partially grown. Children will still love watching the flowers bloom or the tomato plant growing its first tomatoes. Giving them some flowers or a garden to tend to as the weather warms up will help keep them occupied and having fun. What is your favorite thing to grow in your garden with your kids?

finished garden

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