Summer is quickly approaching and it is a wonderful time to get students outside and into the fresh air. Summer is also an exciting time to upgrade your outdoor activities! Continue reading to learn about five of our favorite outdoor learning products for summer. 

1. Magnus Sand and Water Table

The Magnus Sand and Water table is perfect for outdoor dexterity and fine motor skill activity for young learners. Not only will it keep students moving, but the wall teaches “if this, then that” or cause and effect occurrences through different downspouts as they pour water and sand through them and into the clear, 9” deep tub. In the process, kids enhance their sensory, fine-motor, and social skills.

2. Sand & Water Activity Tables 

Sand and Water Activity Tables are the perfect introduction to sand and water play. Let imaginations soar as you fill the table with fine sand and fun tools, or water and floating objects. Bonus! The table’s plastic lid can be written on with dry erase markers, making it the perfect outdoor craft station. For convenience, the table is available in both 18” or 24” heights.  

3. Fence Easels 

Another wonderful outdoor craft station is the Fence Easels. A simple S hook turns a bland chain link fence into an artists workshop at any height. The attached bins give students easy access to all their tools and promotes dexterity. 

4. Children’s Playhouse 

The Children’s Playhouse is a terrific addition to any playground. It gives students an open door of imagination as they use dramatic play skills to turn the playground into whatever they want! Plus, the large windows make it easy for you to supervise without interruptions. We encourage you to include bins with dramatic play sets such as kitchen accessories, molded food, or cleaning supplies like these:  

Find helpful DIY ideas in this blog article about creating an easy to clean dramatic play center! 

5. Compact Garden Box 

Limited on outdoor space? The Compact Garden Box is your must-have solution. You can grow a lot of curiosity and excitement over plant science through a garden box. This raised option is perfect because students can kneel and stand as they watch the process.  

How do you get your students outdoors? Do you have creative and fun games? Share with us on social media!